Safety and Environment

Pressure on our landscapes from recreational is a growing concern not only in Killarney National Park but countrywide. It is everyone’s duty to enjoy the outdoors responsibly and ensure that visitors to the Irish countryside, visit with care. For more see Leave No Trace.

Mountaineering Ireland Walk Safely Leaflet. This walk safety information leaflet has been produced by Mountaineering Ireland and covers how to choose suitable trail walks, planning your walk, appropriate clothing and what to do if you get lost or are in an emergency. This leaflet also provides information on how we can enjoy the Irish countryside responsibly.

Check the weather forecast but be prepared for all types of weather as the mountains are often unpredictable.
Follow the leaders instructions at all times and do not detach yourself from the group.
Leave no litter. All food including orange peels, banana skins etc should be taken away
Pick up litter that you see. Avoid erosion by walking in the centre of a path so as not to widen the damage.
Do not disturb plants and animals.