Brand Partnership


Brand Awareness 
1.5 million guests visit Killarney each year. Our festivals interest over 60,000 people, bringing national marketing, digital and PR outreach and offering our festival partners an amazing opportunity to engage with valuable audiences. Our partners can benefit from over €100k of marketing spend and endorsement PR.

Reaching Passionate Audiences 
Our festivals have a target audience in adventure, sports, music and education, offering a year long series of relevant festivals and events bringing interested and passionate audiences to Kerry 365 days a year.

Longer Opportunity To Engage
Approximately 88% of all visitors who visit Killarney stay overnight (more visitors stay overnight than the entire Northern Ireland tourist industry). Our festivals offer a unique opportunity to engage with this audience.

Benefiting from a residual venue with a capacity for over 1,000 guests per night, attendees stay an average two nights (based on INEC attendees). This stay is 16 times longer than any other venue, giving your brand more opportunities for engagement.

Experienced Skill-Set
Gleneagle Group, with 60 years expertise in hospitality and entertainment, provides Marketing, PR, Digital, Design and Sponsorship Expertise, overseen by your dedicated Brand Champion.

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